About Pacific Touch NYC

Having a mother who owns a very sucessful day spa in New Zealand has undoubtedly influenced Nichola and having also grown up in the Pacific Island culture of healing massage some say her career path was ‘chosen’ for her.

Over the years Nichola has developed a cult following of New Yorkers who embrace her Pacific prescription and many have called their experience life changing.

Despite her ‘wellness lineage’ Nichola suffered from chronic cystic acne for over 15 years & experienced first hand how devastating it is to battle with distinctively difficult skin.

Having tried every lotion, potion and medication to cure her skin problems it wasn’t until she changed her approach to skincare from ‘battle mode’ to education, nurture and support that she achieved extraordinary results and dramatic changes in her skin’s condition.

This journey ignited her passion for integrative skincare and also lends to her empathetic approach that many acne sufferers find lacking in the esthetics world.

Nichola prides herself on the integration of her Western education and her innate gift of healing and strives to ensure people enjoy the fruits of her lineage.

Dubbed the “Samoan Skin Guru” by XO Jane Magazine, Nichola Weir (orginally from New Zealand) opened Pacific Touch NYC in 2009 with the dream of sharing with New Yorkers a unique brand of integrative beauty therapy that is enhanced by her Polynesian heritage.


Email: nichola@pacifictouchnyc.com
928 Broadway (at 21st St)
Suite 1200
New York, NY 10010